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AirQuant is an open source framework for analysing macro tubular networks in medical images such as airways.

Given centreline of the tube anatomy it can interpret the structure, extracting measurements. By also providing the original image it can derive detailed measurements diameter measurements. Facilitating detailed quantitative clinical analysis.

Please see the regarding information on installation, use and tutorials. See for GitHub repository.

Open to ★★★★★, issues, discussions and contributions!

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  • Based on Kin Quan “Airway Tapering In CT” [1]

  • skel2graph3d by Philip Kollmannsberger [2]

  • ellipse by David Long [3]

  • linspecer by Jonathan C. Lansey [4]

  • Tom Doel’s Pulmonary Toolkit [5]

Sample Data Acknowledgments

chestct - “LIDC-IDRI-0066”

Source CT image is from the LIDC-IDRI:

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  • The authors acknowledge the National Cancer Institute and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, and their critical role in the creation of the free publicly available LIDC/IDRI Database used in this study.

Labels are from:

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